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Your commitment
to industry change.

The Black Tech Pledge initiative recognizes organizations 
committed to increasing the representation of Black tech workers. 

What is the
Black Tech Pledge?

The Black Tech pledge is a pledge that provides a standard of hiring, promoting, retaining, developing, and celebrating Black tech workers. 

The Black Tech Pledge is a non-legally binding sign of intent to promote diversity and inclusion of Black professionals, and is a joint effort among several Black lead non-profit organizations. This is a call to action for business leaders and companies across the country and the globe to create an inclusive work environment & promote career growth for Black people. 

The Pledge also provides an opportunity for those companies and organizations that have already vocalized their commitment to diversity and inclusion, to showcase their commitment to diversity and inclusion, and particularly for Black people. 

By signing the Black Tech Pledge, your organization will vocalize its commitment to create (or maintain) a more inclusive environment for people of African descent. By signing the Black Tech Pledge, you become a signatory of a symbolic badge of pride that represents the commitment to the advancement and promotion of Black people in technology and within your organization. This increases your appeal as an employer, partner, and industry leader. This pledge will not only increase visibility of your commitment, but it will establish credibility among Black consumers and organizations, which will ultimately drive business growth and success.  

Black people make up over 13% of the US population, and are one of the largest consumers of technology products and solutions. Yet, only 5% of technology professionals across the country are Black. Not only are there disparities in employment opportunities, but also within the communities themselves, specifically when it comes to access to technology such as broadband and hardware.

In C-level positions and board rooms, less than 2% of leaders are Black, and even less are women of color. When we look at the statistics globally, these numbers dramatically decrease when considering diversity around the globe.

It is our responsibility to create an inclusive and inviting environment to people of African descent, and provide the opportunities to develop careers in technology, provide access to technology, and use technology for the advancement of the human race!  

Why a Black Tech Pledge?​

Take the Pledge.

I promise to create inclusive environments within the workplace and to take positive intentional actions to hire, promote, retain, develop and celebrate Black professionals as employees, customers and citizens.

I strive to create or strengthen employee engagement, mentorship programs, employee or business resource groups, talent advancement and an inclusive company culture where employees feel they are valued, have a voice and can be their authentic selves. 

I acknowledge the priorities selected by Blacks In Technology and the Black Tech Pledge as outlined in their mission, which is to “stomp the divide” between Black tech workers and to fundamentally influence and effect change on an industry that has historically not sought parity with respect to Black workers. Our intent is to level the playing field through training, education, networking, and mentorship with the support of allies, partners, sponsors, and most importantly our global members. 

As a result, I aim to increase the number of Blacks employees in my company to better reflect the US population, increase Black representation in all levels and all functions of my company, and assess the sentiment of Black employees, customers, and partners.

Signing the Black Tech Pledge entails the following:

  • Non-legally binding sign of intention
  • Opportunity to showcase your commitment to diversity and inclusion
  • Listed as a public supporter on the Black Tech Pledge website
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